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Our Method

We aim to be unrivaled in the premium quality of our works, which are led by thorough research and diligent expertise. We believe in the importance of advising our clients and authors on best practices and in cultivating processes that result in win-win outcomes.

We offer three main services: Content Writing, Book Commissions, and Boutique Publishing. To learn more about each service, click on their respective pages in the sidebar.

Our Process

The language of storytelling is one, no matter the path your project paves. Below is the flow that all of our services follow.

1. Contact us via e-mail.

E-mail is our preferred method of communication. Our team is keen to get to know you better and understand the service you seek, so make sure to give us a detailed project brief. If we feel that information is missing, we will reply back to you with questions for further clarification. After understanding your needs, we can move on to the next step.

2. We prepare the quotation or contract.

If your service is from our Content Writing or Book Commissions departments, we will prepare a quotation, which will take up to 3 business days.

If you have been nominated as an author in our Boutique Publishing department, we will prepare your contract within 14 business days. Negotiations usually follow so we can reach the best agreement for both parties, with the ultimate intention of furthering your author brand and publishing career.

3. We book your timeline.

Good work takes time––that’s our motto. After receiving your approval of the quotation or contract, as well as the down payment or payment agreement, we book your timeline immediately. Our busy schedule and workload demand that we work on a booking basis only. Our average Content Writing timeline is between 10 to 21 business days. For Book Commissions and Boutique Publishing, timelines can range from 3 to 10 months, depending on the project.

4. We dive into the research.

Great work is informed by knowledge, so we gather all the findings needed to elevate the work and distinguish it from competitors.

5. The process begins.

After finalizing our internal research, we hand it over to our brilliant team.

For Content Writing and Book Commissions services, our talented writers combine your brief with the research to create your uniquely premium writing tone. We then proofread the work several times to make sure that everything is grammatically correct, structurally strong, and holistically captivating.

For Boutique Publishing services, our team will guide you through your book process, from writing, editing, design, printing, publishing, distribution, and marketing.

6. Your work arrives right on time.

Working on a booking basis means we are always on time to deliver work that is polished and proofread to perfection.

7. You share your feedback or approval.

You provide your feedback via e-mail or online meeting, or you may immediately approve the project. If not, do not worry—great work takes time. That is why every project at Mauzoun has a standard 2 rounds of changes.

8. We refine the work.

For Content Writing and Book Commissions services, we repeat steps five, six, and seven with a renewed approach to research and writing to ensure different results.

For Boutique Publishing services, our team workshops the feedback with you in line with best practices and our sales strategy. Afterwards, we apply the changes.

9. Your story comes to life.

Our holistic process ensures that your work is finalized as a manifestation of your vision, bringing your story to life.